Patient Information for Albury Wodonga Family Medical Centre

General Information

This Practice is committed to providing comprehensive medical care to all individuals and families in the community. The Practice has ben established for over 28 years. The Doctors are trained and experience in the broad range of problems dealt with in general medical practice.

We believe you can best manage your health by continuous care from the same source, rather than taking different problems to different places. We will refer you for specialist opinions, investigations and treatment when necessary.


Consultations are normally by appointment, but the first available doctor sees urgent cases. Every effort will be made to accommodate your preferred time. If the requested doctor is unavailable, one of the other doctors’ at our Centre may be available to see you and will, with your permission, communicate any necessary If your appointment is for other than a standard consultation, please tell the receptionist when you make an appointment so that extra time can be allowed (ie; several or long problems, initial visit for a work-related injury or motor vehicle accident, medical report, pre-employment examination or a procedure.)

Nobody likes to be kept waiting. We are well aware of this and try very hard to adhere to our appointment schedules, however the unpredictable nature of medical practice is such that doctors sometimes have to run behind time. We sincerely regret any inconvenience caused to patients when we are running behind with our appointment schedule.

Telephone Access

Doctors in the practice may be contacted during normal surgery hours. If the doctor is with a patient, a message will be taken and the reception staff will advise you when it is likely that the doctor will return your call or when there is a more suitable time to call the doctor back. Your call will be transferred to a doctor for an urgent matter.

Repeat Prescriptions & Referrals

Our clinic runs a daily ‘quick clinic’, catering to patients needing repeat medication and referrals. This clinic runs five minute appointments from 8 am to 8.30 am. Patients unable to attend the ‘quick clinic’ can request repeat scripts and referrals over the phone, but these will be completed at the discretion of the treating doctor. A fee of $15 will be charged for this service.

Accident and Emergency and After Hours

In extreme emergencies, such as severe breathing difficulties or severe chest pain, phone 000 and ask for the ambulance. For other less urgent matters, please phone the surgery on (02) 6024 3588 for advice. After hours care is provided by Wodonga District Hospital who can be contacted on Ph: (02) 6051 7111.

Information regarding after hours care at the hospital will be forwarded to the Surgery. Alternatively you can call our After Hours Doctor on 02 60243588 and select the option to speak to a Doctor. There will be a private charge if the doctor needs to visit you at home during after-hours times.

Home Visits

Home visits are available for regular patients who live within 15km of the practice, whose condition or situation prevents them from attending the surgery. Please telephone the surgery as early as possible after 8.00am. Home visits approved upon the Doctor’s discretion and completed on a case by case basis. As home visits are very time consuming, we request patients try and organise transportation to the surgery where we have the best facilities and can attend to problems promptly.

Test Results

Our clinic does not provide test results over the phone under any circumstance. If you return an abnormal result, you will be contacted by the Practice Nurse or Practice Manager and advised to make a follow-up appointment with your Doctor. If you wish to receive test results and have not been contacted prior, we advise making an appointment in our daily ‘quick clinic’ with the doctor on duty. We routinely record information regarding results on our internal database that is later used to recall patients when other tests or follow-up are due. If you do not wish to be placed on a recall list please inform our staff.

Services Available

  • Electrocardiogram(E.C.G)
  • Spirometry (lung function testing)
  • Audiometry (hearing tests)
  • Family Planning, Pap Smears, Pregnancy Tests, Antenatal Care, Women’s Health, Men’s Health
  • Counselling, children, vaccinations for all age groups, care of the aged or disabled, heart checks
  • Skin checks, liquid nitrogen freezing therapy for sunspots and warts, minor surgery, plasters
  • Workcover VIC and NSW, Comcare, T.A.C. (motor vehicle) and DVA
  • Occupational & Sports Medicine
  • Pre-employment and General Health Medicals
  • Health Assessments for Older Persons and Care Plans for People with Chronic Problems
  • Case Conferences for People with Chronic Medical Conditions
  • Diabetes Education


Fees are payable at the time of consultation by cash, cheque, MasterCard, Visa or EFTPOS. Each doctor at the Practice is able to determine his or her own fees. Information regarding fees is available from doctors or reception staff. Bulk Billing may be available. Speak to your treating Dr about this.

Services with Medicare rebate:

Short Consultation $35
Standard Consultation $80
Long Consultation $130
Extended Consultation $180

Services with no Medicare rebate:

Prescription Pick up $15
Simple Dressing $10
Complex Dressing $20
Surgical Removal $200

Fees apply for other services such as removal procedures, please feel free to discuss this with reception staff.

Patient Responsibilities

All patients have the responsibility to:

  • Advise reception as soon as possible in the event of being unable to attend for a scheduled appointment
  • To provide accurate and complete contact information, including next of kin and emergency contacts
  • To participate in discussions about their care plans, to ask questions and advise the medical practitioner if they do not understand the proposed treatment
  • To follow the care plan to which they agreed and any recommended follow up instructions and/or recommendations for their care
  • To respect medical centre staff and to not engage in any behaviour considered threatening, aggressive or unsafe toward staff
  • Patients who are under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs may be refused treatment

Patient Feedback

We would like to know of any concerns you may have about the care you receive. Please feel free to talk to the doctor, receptionists or Practice Manager. However, if you feel there is a matter you wish to take up outside, you can contact the Victorian Health Services Commissioner, Level 30, 570 Bourke Street Melbourne, VIC 3000, or via telephone on (03) 8601 5222.

Response to 2022-2023 Patient Feedback Survey

Improvements in response to feedback.

Waiting time – We had feedback that some patients were unhappy with the time they had to wait to see the doctor once attended at the front desk. We are continually stiving to improve the waiting experience for patients. Unfortunately, in General Practice it is impossible to know what is in the waiting area and critical cases that require longer times than have been booked occur frequently. Our staff are continually educated regarding the importance of communicating wait times to patient and how best to manage appointment times that have been delayed. This includes, phoning patients and informing them to come in later, letting them know the expected wait or suggesting they go do their shopping or have a coffee next door at the café. All our practitioners actively manage their patients and when they call their next appointment in make patients aware of their position in the queue. Additionally, practitioners are encouraged to ensure cases they know are going to be difficult, are afforded the appropriate time by booking longer appointments. This is an ongoing issue that is actively always managed by our staff.
Telephone access to doctor – We had feedback that some patients are unhappy with gaining phone access to doctors. We do not put patient calls through to doctors when they are consulting. If the call is triaged as urgent by administration staff, our staff will put the call through to one of our practice nurses to manage the call until the doctor can return the call between patient consultations. We do not expect to change this policy as doctors would be continually interrupted during their face-to-face consultations leading to other more significant consultation management issues from the constant disruptions that would ensue.
After Hours Service – We had feedback that patients think they cannot receive after hours care. We provide a 24/7 on call service and have done so for over 20 years. A call to our practice phone number allows our patients direct action to our own on-call doctor at any time of the day, any day of the year.
Obtaining a Home Visit / Other visit – We had feedback that patients believe they cannot get a home visit from the clinic. Home visits are available to existing patients who require this service. It is available to those who it is deemed necessary i.e., the infirmed and those in aged care. It is not offered as a convenience option. See our patient information leaflet at the front desk for details.

High Quality Health-care for all Patients